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    13 Ways To Have The Best Makeup At The Holiday Party

    May your face be merry and bright.

    1. Show your Christmas spirit with incredible red and green makeup.

    After you apply loose glitter using a clear makeup glue, clean up any stray pieces of glitter with some clear tape. Make sure you stick and unstick the tape to your hand a bit first to remove most of the tape's glue (which can tug too hard on your skin).

    2. You could go for the red lipstick and cat eyeliner look, but make people look into your eyes and see all of the glittery wonderfulness you've got going on.

    Use a liquid glitter eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes and line about one-third of the way inward on your lower eyelashes.

    3. Or, you could do a straight-up glitter cat eye and be the baller that you are.

    Start with dark eyeliner to make your cat eye, and then put loose glitter on a wet, angled eyeshadow brush. Apply the glitter over the dark line so it really stands out.

    4. Sometimes, the softer side of makeup is all a girl wants in life.

    Choose a lipstick, lip gloss, and eyeshadow that are all within the same pink shade family.

    5. But you may want to choose a completely different route and go with a dark, vampy lipstick.

    Once you're done applying your lipstick, dab an angled concealer brush into some concealer, and apply a thin line just around your lips to clean up any stray marks and make your lips look crisp.

    6. A smokey eye is always a good option.

    Use a piece of clear tape, angled from your temple down to the bottom edge of your nose, to keep your eyeshadow clean and neat.

    7. Good news! New Year's Eve is the moment your glitter lipstick has been waiting for.

    Apply your favorite deep red lipstick, then put on some matching lip gloss so the surface of your lips is a little sticky. Grab a wet lip brush and a pot of red glitter, and gently press the glitter into your top and bottom lips.

    8. Maybe you don't want to go all bold with colors, but you just want to look like you have naturally plump lips and impossibly long eyelashes.

    Use a lip liner pencil one or two shades darker than your natural lip color and line just outside your natural lip line. Then, dab a matching lip gloss over your entire mouth to blend everything together.

    9. You know what looks really beautiful? Some shimmery gray eyeshadow.

    Grab the dark eyeshadow that's going to be the main color on your lid, then dip a dome-shaped brush into the pigment. Apply the color in one point on the outer part of your lash line, and another at the inner corner. Connect in the crease from there.

    10. Let's say you want to show your true colors with some eyeliner, but you can't find the color you want.

    Simple solution: Check out the lip liner section at the drugstore and get the magenta of your dreams! Once you're done with the bright color, make a thin black line with liquid liner just at the lash line, then use mascara to tie the whole look together.

    11. You could decide on the classic, foolproof holiday look of red lips and a neutral smokey eye.

    Use an opaque eye primer on your lids to really make the eyeshadow color stand out — and last.

    12. There's nothing wrong with going low key with some magical, glowing skin.

    You'll need a loose powder highlighter, a fluffy face brush, and a spray bottle of water. Put highlighter on the brush, tap to get off the excess, spritz with water, and apply along your cheekbones to bring out your inner ~luminescence~.

    13. But no matter what kind of holiday makeup you do, you must remember one thing: eyebrows.

    Using an angled brush and powder, fill in your brows for a more defined look. If you want to take things to the next level, add some brow gel on a brush to seal everything in place.

    Happy Holidays!