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Mad Men: The Genius Of Advertising

George Louis, a real life "Mad Men" said, "If you are a creative person you can be careful or creative, but you can't be careful creative." For those of you that have not seen the award winning TV show, Mad Men, now you can realize all of the advertising genius you have been missing. "Mad men" is a term coined in the 1950's by advertisers working on Madison Avenue to refer to themselves. This show takes real life brands and shows the creative process of an advertising agency. As well as, give you a well developed story of a man struggling to find who he is and what he wants from life. So sit back with a stiff drink, and for those of you who were not born during a time when people could smoke in restaurants enjoy the show. (Oh and SPOILER ALERT)

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1. Lucky Strike: "It's Toasted"

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This is probably the most popular scene in the entire series. This was an early episode in the series that really introduced you to Don's wit and creativeness. The "It's Toasted" campaign was for Lucky Strike to distinguish itself from their competition. The campaign allowed Luck Strike seem "natural" and "healthy" in comparison to their competitors.

2. Belle Jolie: "Mark Your Man"

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I love this scene because the copy (which is the text and content in advertisements) was written by Peggy, but Don believes in it so much he passionately defends it at the cost of losing the client. He knows his audience, and knows what they are looking for. This is a situation when the client doesn't always know the best direction to take for their campaign.

3. Kodak: "The Carousal"

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This is also one of the most popular scenes in the series. This was an emotional time for Don. He was realizing the mistakes he has made in his marriage, and he began to realize the importance of family. It didn't last long, but it was still monumental. In this scene Kodak wanted Sterling Cooper to name their newest slide projector.

4. Popsicle: "Take It, Break It, Share It, Love It"

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This was one of Peggy's first pitches by herself. Peggy had recently been going to a Catholic church with her family, and without her even knowing she pulled from that experience to make this advertisement. This is one of those scenarios where you can see that people get inspired by the things that are happening in their lives. This is a unique add because it is selling nostalgia.

5. Pepsi (Patio): "Bye, Bye Birdie! Hello Patio!"

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This commercial is based of the Movie "Bye, Bye Birdie". The movie had been a big hit at that time, and this was a good parody of the film. This drink was new to people at the time because before this there weren't to many diet drinks. The commercial pulls in the demographic that they are looking, which is women. It is also entertaining and tells them about the product.

6. Playtex: "Nothing Fits Both Sides of a Woman better than Playtex"

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Two sides of one person. This was a good way of taking the icons of the time, and applying it to a product. This ad makes Playtex and their products seem versatile because a women can wear their product for all occasions.

7. Utz: "Utz Are Better Than Nuts"

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This is one of the few ads were we saw Sterling Cooper feature a celebrities to advertise a product. This is Jimmy Barrett. He is a sarcastic, crude (and fictional) comedian that they chose to feature. A lot of people called him a nut and that rhymes with Utz, and bada bing bada boom, elegant humor. Genius!!!

8. Heinz Beans: "Somethings Never Change"

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This scene is very important for Megan and Don's relationship. It shows how well they work off of each other. This is a good example how to approach a sensitive situation. They handled it so well, and pulled it off so smoothly.

9. Cool Whip: "Just Taste It"

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This isn't really a pitch, but in this scene you can see the newly-weds play off of one another. Why it seems a little tense is because Megan (in red) told Peggy that she wants to quit advertising and begin her acting career. At this time people were beginning to be skeptical of what was in their food. This commercial is smart because it accurately portrayed how their customers where feeling about their product. Especially since it was new and non-dairy.

10. Pepsi (Snowball): "This Could Change Everything" and "Hit Me In The Face With A Snowball"

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This is a really fun scene because this shows how difficult it is to choose a strategy when you have a few good idea's. If you have seen the show don't handle it the way Don did! ;)

11. Sheraton: "The Jumping Off Point"

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Don and Megan just got back from a lovely trip to the Hawaii Sheraton. Don had a unique experience when he went, and tried to portray the way the trip made him feel. I like this ad, it is poetic. But at the same time, it does seem like the guy in the ad was suicidal.

12. Heinz: "Pass The Heinz" and "The Only Ketchup"

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With this scene you see Peggy and Don go head to head to get the Heinz ketchup account. This shows the different approaches to strategy. Don was going for a more subliminal, nostalgic campaign. Peggy's campaign is so elegant it make Heinz feel important and properly communicates the message Heinz want to tell their customers.

13. Accutron: "It's Not A Time Piece; It's a Conversation Piece"

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This is the beginning of the seventh and last season of the series. We have seen Freddy at his worst moments, and I believe this is us seeing his growth from when we first saw him, as a drunk. This pitch is probably my favorite just because how well he articulated the scene, and made the product so essential for a man's uniform, as well as pointing out the benefits it brings.

14. Burger Chef: "Family Supper at Burger Chef"

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I love this seen because it allows you to see even a seasoned copywriters, like Peggy gets nervous about presenting. "Family Supper at Burger Chef" is a campaign that shows a then modern family. It showed that family's were not cooking at home anymore , and began eating out more and more.

15. Coca Cola: "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke"

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This is the last scene of the series. It seems like a combination of Don finally finding peace of who he is and him coming up with this Coca Cola campaign. This show brings a lot of real world ads, and applies them to their characters. The "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" commercial was in a time where the world was very prejudice towards people of different nationalities and races. This commercial allowed Coke to be a "one world" uniter.

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