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Trick Your Treaters this Halloween with Healthy Alternatives

Before beelining it to the checkout line with whatever value size candy bags are left on the shelf, consider ways in which you can substitute all that sugar with healthier alternatives for your children and trick-or-treaters this year. Are you a busy parent who strives to fit in quality time with your kids as well as keeping them happy and healthy too? If you answered yes, then this Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you! There are so many simple, creative and easy DIY ways to make your child’s Halloween healthy and enjoyable. Leave the candy bags on the shelves to rot, don’t let it happen to your children’s teeth! There are numerous ways to incorporate healthy alternatives. For example, most people forget the fact that distributing non-edible treats, such as stickers, coloring pads, glow sticks, bubbles, plastic vampire fangs, tattoos, or other trinkets are still options that kids find even better than receiving candy! Or, perhaps use healthy alternatives like trail mix, homemade snack-packs, fruit gummies, sugar-free candies, bags of baked pumpkin seeds, yogurt-covered raisins, etc. All the sugar and candy without moderation leads to nothing but negative effects for a kid's health. Set a good example and start a new tradition this year that your children will remember and want to pass down to their kids one day. Find ways to substitute all the high-sugar and caloric Halloween candy with other alternatives. Doing so will not only benefit your own child’s health, but it will also show other parents that this can be done, which will benefit other kids as well! In addition, this is a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their kids. There are an abundant amount of creative cooking ideas families can do together. Kill two birds with one stone; get creative, have fun, and be healthy all at the same time by simply carving pumpkins with your kids! Not only is it an engaging way to get crafty with them, but you can also save the seeds and bake them using tasty spices such as cinnamon or sea-salt. After cooking the seeds, place them into mini baggies to distribute to your trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

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