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Classic Literature, Reimagined For The Smartphone Era - Perseus And Medusa

AT&T Updates a Classic: The Greeks invented philosophy in order to contemplate how much they wished they had Smartphones, and they invented math to express how many percents cooler their lives would be with Smartphones. (300% was their guess, very close to the 306.7% that was confirmed by Western scientists in the '50s.)

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Classic Literature, Reimagined For The Smartphone Era

The Greeks had it rough: they lived literally dozens of years before the invention of microblogging, Gods and Goddesses were constantly declaring war on things like "the ocean," and people only spoke in allegories, so no one could ever agree on what to order for dinner. AT&T's network lets you talk and surf at the same time on your Smartphone, which is always helpful, whether you're a Millennial trying to finalize plans with friends, or a timeless hero from antiquity trying to slay the Gorgon Queen.