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10 Valentines No One Would Enjoy Getting


1. For the significant other who has some redeemable qualities.

2. For the relationship that is OK, I guess.

3. For the person who deserves the very least.

4. For the one you can see a future without.

5. For the sweetie who's always had low expectations of you.

6. For the admirer who's been known to hold a grudge.

7. For Mr. Right Now.

8. For your darling, who exists.

9. For the sweetheart you can sort of tolerate.

10. For your partner who is a slight improvement on being alone.

Valentine’s should never be just OK. Neither should your wireless network.

A Message from AT&T, America’s Best Wireless Network.

*Based on GWS OneScore September 2018. Excludes crowdsourced studies.