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10 Things You're Still Waiting For

Praise to you, patient people. While some of life's most awesome things take longer than you'd like, AT&T Next℠ means a new device in just a year! Technology doesn't wait, and neither should you – unless it's for something else this once-in-a-lifetime.

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2. The Sagrada Família to Get Finished

kelp / Via Flickr: kelp

This insanely ornate and ambitious work of architectural art has been a work in progress since 1882 and is projected to be finished by 2026. By then, those hundreds of years of prayers inside the cathedral should surely be answered!

3. Season Tickets for Your Favorite Football Team

Brian Giesen / Via Flickr: briangiesen

The Gridiron Greats in Green Bay have a waiting list that's 30 years long, and over 80,000 cheeseheads still choose to patiently stand by for that portion of their precious lifetime.

10. Your Favorite Legendary Band to Reunite

lejoe / Via Flickr: lejoe

Ever heard of the term "indefinite hiatus"? Even in this age of "surprise" reunion tours, there's a crazy amount of talented holdouts that haven't played or recorded together in decades.

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