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10 Moments In Your Lunch Routine That Will Change Your Perspective On Time

It’s lunchtime and you’re starving, right? AT&T gets that. But while you’re heading out for your midday food coma, life around you is happening at some seriously high speeds.

It only takes a moment for that hunger pang to hit, but when it does - brace yourself.


In the amount of time it took you to realize that you're hungry, your brain fired 25 trillion neurons.

Check your wallet. Do you have any cash? Enough for a sandwich? Good.


While you were deciding whether or not to go to the ATM, your body shed 46,400 skin cells.

Your hunger is quickly turning into h-anger. Why is this elevator taking so long?


While you were waiting, your hair grew .000008 inches.

And since you're not sure what to do with yourself, you take out your phone, and you look at it.


In the amount of time it took you to learn that you had no new texts or Facebook notifications, a colony of 40,000 bees produced .1 grams of honey.

Finally, you made it outside! Now you've got to make the long walk to your favorite sandwich spot.


See that tree over there? The whole time you were walking, it produced .002 pounds of oxygen. Thanks, tree!

Which sandwich are you going to try today? Think it over. Take your time.


In the amount of time it took you to pick a chicken avocado wrap - the average human produced .0001 gallons of sweat. Relax.

You watch hungrily as your sandwich architect builds a most beautiful meal.


While he was rolling meats and veggies into a wrap, 1,420 pounds of meteorites hit the earth.

You're VERY hungry now. The walk back to the office doesn't take as long, because you're power-walking.


Remember that tree from before? Well your contribution to the air in this amount of time is a solid 1.73 gram of carbon dioxide.

You can almost taste it. This elevator ride is taking an eternity.


Think about this, though - your fingernails have grown .000001 inches during the ride.

Your shining moment has come. And it only takes your desk mate fourteen seconds to start mooching.


Weep for the loss of your beloved wrap. In this amount of time, the average human produces .00001 gallons of tears.

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