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15 Tell-Tale Signs He's A Hopeless Romantic

There's no better BF than a guy who loves love. If you know true love is real (or you just like guys who believe in "meant to be"), don't miss NBC's new romantic comedy A to Z, Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c.

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1. He's always down for a good rom-com.

Get ready to snuggle.

2. When it's cold out, his jacket is your jacket.

Even if he's cold too.

3. He can make a night at home feel more romantic than your favorite restaurant.

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4. He thinks PDA = PRETTY DANG AWESOME. / Via

(You know you like it.)

5. He has zero fear of commitment.

He's been planning his wedding longer than you have.

He's been planning his wedding longer than you have.

6. You never have to guess how he feels about you.

7. No matter what he's doing, he'll always make time for a kiss.

8. His playlists will make you feel ALL the feels.

9. Grand gestures are sort of his thing.

He's almost too good at surprises.

10. But he knows the little things matter too.

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He will hold your purse and watch you shop with pride.

11. He's never afraid to express his feelings.

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12. Big spoon or little, he's DTC.*

*Down To Cuddle

13. He'll do anything to make you smile.

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Even CLEAN. *swoon*

14. He never wants to spend a second apart from you.

He's figured out a way to make every activity an activity for two.

15. He knows true love lasts forever.

He makes you know it too.

If you can never get enough romance either, make sure to check out A to Z, Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c.

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