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Your Superannuation Explained, But With Dogs

Super dogs. Because it's good to think about your superannuation.

1. You know about super, right? It’s money your employers put away for you while you’re working, for you to live on when you retire.

2. Over the years, the fund grows, so that later in life, you'll have a nice ~nest egg~ saved up.

3. But keeping track of your super can be difficult.

4. If you've had more than one employer, you might have money sitting in more than one super fund.

5. You might have super sitting in an account that you don't even know about.

6. Having your money spread out across multiple accounts means it will take longer for your money to grow.

7. Which means you could be working hard all your life only to realize later on you could have saved a lot more money!

8. A lot of people recommend rounding all that money up and putting it in one fund.

9. Once you've gotten rid of super accounts you don't need, it'll be easier to keep track of your money.

10. You'll also be paying fewer fees, which means more super for your future.

11. So you can go on enjoying life, knowing that you're doing your future self a big favour.

12. And how super is that?

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