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    Just 31 Walmart Products I Found On TikTok I Never Knew I Needed

    From snack-scented candles to designer dupes, these are some must-have Walmart products according to TikTokers.

    1. A super-soft plush throw blanket you'll practically live under. Fair warning: You should probably grab one for everyone in your household to keep the jealousy at bay.

    A photo of the blanket

    2. A simple yet very chic ribbed two-piece set, because this is a ~match~ made in heaven for anyone who would rather not think about what to wear when it's super hot out. (But seriously, this is summer uniform status.)

    a model wearing the ribbed mint colored sleeveless top and biker short set

    3. A powerful steamer for folks who hate wrinkles as much as they hate ironing. The wide head of the steamer allows you to release creases from your clothes faster and more efficiently, meaning you'll probably never pick up an iron again.

    a photo of the steamer

    4. A scented three-wick candle that will make your home smell like Fruity Pebbles and Rice Krispy treats (and that we secretly wish were edible).

    the candle on a white background

    5. An aesthetically pleasing air fryer from Drew Barrymore's lovely kitchenware brand. This air fryer may not officially be considered decor, but it will absolutely serve as a statement piece in your kitchen.

    a photo of the air fryer

    6. A stainless-steel water bottle to keep your water cold all day. You'll find yourself reaching for it often, even if you struggle to keep up with your daily water intake.

    a photo of the water bottle

    7. A "Showertok" famous sugar scrub that pretty much smells like summer. If you haven't added an exfoliator to your body care routine yet, then what exactly are you waiting for?

    a photo of the body scrub

    8. A pack of saturated makeup removing wipes so you can get ~everything~ off. And yes, that includes the waterproof stuff! One TikToker stated that they've tried other brands of makeup wipes but these keep them coming back for more. They're that good!

    a photo of the towelettes

    9. A pair of on-trend braided sandals you'll get a ton of use out of in the upcoming summer months. Why splurge on a designer pair when these are equally as cute?

    a photo of the sandals

    10. A casual yet super cute belted romper that you can wear with sneakers in the daytime and your favorite heels at night. Trust — this is a need, not a want. You'll surely get your money's worth and them some.

    a model wearing the romper

    11. A perfect pair of pleated shorts because you can rock these straight from the office to happy hour (immediately *adds to cart.*). According to some reviewers, these shorts have the ~perfect~ pocket depth and we all know how important pockets are.

    12. A comfortable pair of sporty sandals that give just the right amount of lift. If you've been on the hunt for a cute outdoor sandal that you can move freely in, look no further.

    a photo of the sandals in multicolor

    13. A stunning floral dress meant for an outdoor brunch or a luxe vacation — whichever you're able to book first. And when we say it's stunning, we're not exaggerating.

    a model wearing the dress

    14. A pair of false lashes because these can rival an individual lash set with all of the works. If you're looking for a way to emphasize your eyes on a budget, these are the lashes that you must keep in you stash at all times. Need I say more?

    a model wearing the false lashes

    15. A '90s inspired T-shirt dress that will totally change your mind about horizontal stripes. Between the contrast sleeves and oversized fit, you can consider it the "cool girl" dress for the summer. (You're probably asking yourself: Do I really need this? The answer is yes. Just imagine all the outfits you can put together with this number!)

    a model wearing the dress

    16. A silicone brush holder that will have you questioning what life was like before you knew it existed. But seriously – why didn't anyone share this sooner?

    a photo of the brush holder

    17. A sleek white vase, because this looks expensive but is super budget-friendly in case you were looking to spruce up your space any time soon. One TikTok reviewer used it for pampas grass — I mean, how could you resist?

    a photo of the vase

    18. A portable steam cleaner for breaking down stains in carpet and upholstery like you've never seen before. If you haven't made it to #CleanTok, this recommendation is one of the many reasons why you should visit and stay a while. Bonus: Every purchase of a Bissell Little Green Machine helps to save a homeless pet, which is even more reason to grab one.

    a model cleaning dirty paw prints of a rug with the machine

    19. A V-neck crochet top that's certain to fly off the shelves. What we love most is the small heart ring on the front of the top (after all, small details do count).

    20. A one-shoulder swimsuit for doubling as a bodysuit when the pool party is over (honestly, it's that cute). This one-piece is made with a shimmery ribbed fabric for a simple, added touch of shine. No matter where you sport this swimsuit, all eyes are destined to be on you. ✨

    a model wearing the swim suit

    21. A wooden bar cart that will make your future gatherings at least 10-times more fabulous. The removable trays make it super easy to restock and serve. We guarantee it!

    a photo of the bar cart

    22. A 100% cotton eyelet dress, because this is incredibly breathable and cute. You can easily dress it down with a pair of comfy sneakers or sandals, regardless of the silhouette (exhibit A on the model) or dress it up with heels (exhibit B in the TikTok video below).

    a model wearing the dress

    23. An undetectable face powder suitable for all skin types but is most loved by those with oily skin. No oils or pores pitted against this powder foundation shall prosper.

    a before and after on the powder on a model

    24. A sporty crop top with removable pads you'll likely want to stock up on in multiple colors. Between the perfect amount of support and moisture-absorbing fabric, you'll keep this top in heavy rotation during those hawt summer months.

    a model wearing the light blue sports crop top

    25. A pair of lug-sole sandals that you kind of wish stayed in that Y2K era but also think they're kind of cute, so you'll indulge. Plus, you can't beat the price for these Dr. Martens dupes.

    26. A pet door opener so your furry friend can get in and out of the room freely. Best of all, you never have to get up to close the door behind them!

    four different photos of a cat using the door

    27. A classic pair of French mani press-ons for when you have to skip a nail appointment or two after your next "no spend month." (No judgment here, we've all been there.)

    28. A simple, cute pair of sneakers that are stylish, and most importantly, don't break the bank. Even the biggest sneaker snob wouldn't be able to pass these up.

    a photo of the sneakers in light pink

    29. A 3-in-1 hand and floor vacuum that really sucks but in a good way. Best of all, there are five colors to choose from just in case a vacuum to match your home's aesthetic is high on your priority list.

    a person using the vaccuum

    30. A pair of fringe-hem skinny jeans, because these are just screaming to be paired with a fabulous pair of heels. Some may say "don't wear white after Labor Day," but our fashion forecast tells us that you'll want to pull these out year-round (because who really follows fashion "rules" in 2022?).

    a photo of the model wearing the jeans

    31. A seamless triangle bra with a comfortable elastic band and fully adjustable straps. This wire-free bra was made to fit your shape and provide all-day comfort. Honestly, it's the next best thing to going completely braless.

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