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    20 Things Under $50 You'll Probably Want To Buy At Target's Cyber Monday Sale Event

    Whether you're shopping for gifts or looking to treat yourself, you don't want to miss these deals.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Long gone are the days of waking up at the crack of dawn on Cyber Monday to score amazing deals on items that you've been eyeing throughout the year. Target's Cyber Monday sale has officially started and the best part is you can shop early from the comfort of your home!

    You can save up to 50% on everything from kitchen appliances to smart home devices right now so buckle up and get ready to shop!

    1. A pack of teeth whitening strips that are the next best thing to a professional teeth whitening session (for a fraction of the price). Reviewers love these strips because on top of their whitening power, they also stick to your teeth without budging. Your smile is your best accessory so why not give it the treatment that it deserves?

    the teeth whitening strips

    2. A 4K Ultra HD Amazon Fire TV Stick because you've finally made the adult decision to cancel your cable subscription and mooch off of your loved ones' streaming accounts instead. Why pay hundreds of dollars for cable when you can share logins on virtually every streaming platform known to man? But, shhh... don't tell anyone I encouraged you to do so.

    the amazon fire stick

    3. A Google Nest Mini so you can finally have a simple way to control all of those smart devices that you splurged on this year. Chances are you'll most likely only use this to tell the Google Assistant to play music while you're showering but the sound quality is good so it's still a win in my book. "Hey, Google" will certainly because one of your most used phrases.

    the white google nest mini

    4. A gingerbread mini waffle maker because you've officially aged out of frozen waffles. Growth is knowing when it's time to leave your childhood eating habits in the past where they belong. Also, who doesn't love holiday inspired waffles?

    the waffle maker and stack of waffles

    5. A pair of wireless on-ear Bluetooth headphones in case you're looking forward to getting back to the gym with some actual headphones that work. Need I mention that they feel super comfortable on the ears, are quick charging, and offer 35 hours of battery life? You can't beat it for the price.

    the sony wireless bluetooth headphones

    6. A Ring wireless indoor security camera so you can A. see what mischief your fur babies are getting into while you're away and B. check for any unwanted guests. The best features of this camera are the two-way audio, night vision, and the motion detection. As soon as it detects motion, you get an alert straight to your phone. Oh, technology!

    the wireless camera

    7. A slicer/shredder KitchenAid attachment for that one chef in the family that insists on shredding massive amounts of cheese by hand when this exists. Don't hold off on giving this to them on Christmas—they'll need it to prepare the holiday feast they're conjuring up.

    the kitchenaid with shredder attachment shredding cheese

    8. A third-person, action-adventure game for PS4 because as much as you'd like to upgrade to the newer console your current one works just fine. Not to mention you have so many memories playing it. I say buy new games and ride it until the wheels (or in this case, joysticks) fall off.

    screen grab of the video game

    9. A top-rated electric toothbrush that claims to remove 300% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. With all the sweets and drinks you'll be indulging in throughout the holiday season, it's only fitting that you step up your oral care routine with this baby.

    person brushing their teeth with the oral b electric toothbrush

    10. A cordless, portable water flosser that will actually get you excited about flossing. No, seriously, water flossing is a game changer — there's nothing like the feel of a gush of water dislodging food that's stuck between your teeth (trust me on this one). Also, whoever is responsible for the string version of floss should be fined and put away immediately, imo.

    person using the water flosser at a bathroom sink

    11. A scent discovery kit that Target shoppers can't seem to get enough of. Inspired by cocktails, this collection features enticing scent notes such as whipped almond, musk, and bourbon. And this is perfect if you're looking for your new signature scent but don't want to invest in a full-size bottle until you've found it.

    the perfume discovery kit

    12. A pullover quarter zip sweatshirt so you can have a go-to layering piece to throw on during the chilly winter months. I know when it's cold you really don't want to think too hard about what to wear. This is my gift to you—you're welcome.

    13. A cozy pair of wide leg french terry pants that just happen to be a dupe for a pair of best-selling sweats that are quadruple the price. If you live for luxury at an affordable price point, grab the sweatpants, ASAP. Word on the streets is that they're just as comfortable as the pricey pair and the quality is on point.

    model wearing the sweats in grey

    14. A two slice extra wide slot stainless steel toaster because you've been struggling through untoasted bagels for way too long and you deserve better (that's no way to start your day, btw). Consider this a taste of the good life!

    the toaster with a bagel inside

    15. A LED novelty Christmas tree frame just in case you're still looking for small holiday trinkets to add into your apartment. This time your procrastination worked in your favor because it led you to this beautiful, discounted piece of holiday decor.

    the LED novelty Christmas tree frame

    16. A pair of water-resistant and sweatproof earbuds so you can tune out the world during your work commutes. Public transportation can be an very interesting place and the right music plus earbuds can turn it into a cinematic masterpiece in your head. Trust me on this one.

    the JBL earbuds in the charging case

    17. A pair of breathable faux fur lined slippers just in case you love the look of fur house slippers but hate your feet sweating (*raises hands*). These are also equipped with memory foam and a sturdy sole so I wouldn't be surprised if you end up wearing them on your next Target run.

    18. A family-sized electric griddle so you can prepare and enjoy some of your breakfast favorites, stress-free. May I add that I'm a HUGE breakfast person, so why won't you invite me over some time? No pressure, though.

    the electric griddle on a kitchen counter

    19. A single serve iced coffee maker just in case you're getting tired of spending so much money on your daily cup of iced joe. Wouldn't you just love to save some moolah by making it at home? Just brew your coffee, pop on the lid and be on your merry way. Refills are on the house.

    20. A basket air fryer so you can finally catch up with the times. For all these years you've been asking yourself if you really need an air fryer and the answer is yes. Now, hurry up and grab this one before Target's Cyber Monday sale ends.

    the air fryer with food in the basket

    If I were you, I'd get to adding things to my Target cart now so you don't regret it later. Start shopping Target's Cyber Monday Sale today!