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    KitKats Are So Much Cooler In Japan

    Wasabi, Cheesecake, Port Wine, Red Bean...the West is getting screwed.

    Wasabi KitKats

    Still sweet but with a mild after burn

    Cheesecake KitKats

    A little too sweet for me... but some people might love it

    Strawberry KitKats

    They go great with your granola and yogurt in the morning

    Red Bean KitKats

    My favorite... if you don't want to wait for Chinese New Year

    Some Kind of Alcoholic KitKat

    What's in that picture? Figs? Grapes? Port? Wine? If you read Japanese let us know

    Molasses KitKats

    Melt it over your pancakes

    Citrus KitKats

    For a dose of vitamin C

    And here they are in all their eclectic glory

    Thank you to our friends at RocketNews 24 for bringing these all the way from Tokyo!!!