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14 Horrifying Stories Of People Breaking Their Tech

Shattered screens = shattered dreams. Asurion Home+ can help you pick up the pieces.

We asked readers to tell us their most cringe-worthy stories of broken tech devices. Here's what they shared:

1. "The Sound of 10,000 Sorrows"

2. Solar Eclipse

3. Re-Routed

4. Bad Dog, Bad

5. Potato Does Not Compute

6. "Spoke" Too Soon

7. Wheel of Misfortune

8. Game Over

9. Going Ham

10. A Hole Mess

11. Domino Effect

12. Oh, Brother

13. Paint By Numbers

14. Lost In Transit

We could all do with fewer "oh, s#!@" moments. That's why there's Asurion Home+. It may not protect everything, but it covers the home tech you use most, now or in the future — including TVs, laptops, tablets, smart watches, gaming systems, and more — all with one simple plan.

Responses have been edited for clarity. Additional imagery by Getty Images.