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How Lucia Are You?

Hope it's 0%

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  1. Have you...

    Had a draft latte?
    Had more than one draft latte in one day?
    Had FOUR draft lattes in one day?
    Been addicted to Sangkee Bistro?
    Had sex dreams about Aaron Tveit?
    Memorized the entire Les Mis movie?
    Kissed a boy?
    Kissed two boys?
    Given a blowjob?
    Regretted giving a blowjob?
    Been made fun of for giving a blowjob by Alison?
    Called many people Daddy?
    Twerked to the Sims theme song?
    Quoted Monte Carlo?
    Played soccer?
    Gotten a concussion?
    Gotten two concussions?
    Gotten three concussions?
    Had to stop playing a sport from concussions?
    Cried about not being able to play a sport?
    Spent over 50 hours playing sims?
    Cried over SVU?
    Watched SVU once for a straight 10 hours?
    Watched a whole season of PLL in one day?
    Gotten yellow paint on your Patagonia?
    Had people ask if the yellow paint on your Patagonia is mustard?
    Screamed at people for thinking your paint stained Patagonia is mustard stained?
    Cried about Joebama leaving?
    Said "I can't wait to be pregnant"
    Said "I think I'm pregnant" many times?
    Made a 1D Tumblr account?
    Been obsessed with One Direction?
    Insisted 1D didn't break up when they did?
    Done crew?
    Cried while rowing?
    Cried about crew?
    Cried after rowing?
    Said "Why do my dogs hate me"
    Had funny finsta bios?
    Made your finsta bio a quote from your history teacher?
    Put a post meant for finsta on rinsta?
    Done the above MANY TIMES?
    Cried about Donald Trump?
    Been a self proclaimed feminist?
    Been a self proclaimed Child Of The Lord?
    Had your friend (Alison) point out you have done a lot that would disappoint God?
    Been in love with the Dolan brothers?
    Been to Stone Harbor?
    Said "I love Johnny"
    Fallen in love with a guy you don't know?
    Fallen in love with a guy who don't know who has a girlfriend?
    Loved Sam Bradford?
    Loved Carson Wentz?
    Couldn't decide which Eagles quarterback you loved more?
    Loved the Eagles in general?
    Cried about math?
    TRIED TO GET WITH MATT FIELD (^that's a joke Alison made this quiz)

How Lucia Are You?

Have you ever played Sims????!!!!!

Not Like Lucia At All
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Maybe you've watched a few Eagles games or regretted a kiss!

Kinda Like Lucia
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You probably LOVE Sangkee and Johnny (but don't we all?)

A Lot Like Lucia!
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Get a therapist

Just Like Lucia
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