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17 Reasons Why Running Is A Truly Great Form Of Exercise

Running is running the game.

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8. Running is a great time to listen to your favorite tunes.

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Not to mention a podcast or audiobook. You can take a physical and narrative journey at the same time.

10. Trail-running is a great way to commune with nature.

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What other form of exercise allows you to experience the beauty of the great outdoors? (Don't you dare say golf.)

14. Runner's high is real, and it feels amazing: euphoric, clear, and calm.


It's runner's high — not yoga high, not push-up high, not workout-video-of-the-month high — because RUNNING is the real rock 'n' roll of exercise.

15. Let's not forget that running makes food taste incredible.

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And since running burns so many calories, you have license to eat a full plate. Goodbye guilt; hello french fries.

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