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17 Reasons Why Running Is A Truly Great Form Of Exercise

Running is running the game.

1. Running shows you the world — not the inside of a gym.

2. Running is super cheap.

3. And running requires minimal gear – and it's basically stuff you can use for any activity period.

4. You can also run practically anywhere.

5. Running is good for your body.

6. Running is good for your mood.

7. And running is good for your mind.

8. Running is a great time to listen to your favorite tunes.

9. Hitting your stride while running makes you feel like a majestic and powerful matter how you actually look.

10. Trail-running is a great way to commune with nature.

11. Plunging into a pool or river after a hot summer run is probably what heaven feels like.

12. And taking a hot shower after a cold winter run is borderline nirvana.

13. "Running thoughts" are RANDOM and INSANE, yet EXCELLENT.

14. Runner's high is real, and it feels amazing: euphoric, clear, and calm.

15. Let's not forget that running makes food taste incredible.

16. Lastly, running is unique because it's fun to run with friends...

17. ...and fun to run alone.

Wear a running shoe that fits both your body and your mind.