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12 People Who Are Chasing Wanderlust & Helping You Do The Same!

Are you looking for some travel inspiration that will help your summer dreams come true? Then follow these travelers, who will give you serious wanderlust to make you pack your bags and explore the world! How? Follow them and find out!

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LAUREN BULLEN / Via Instagram: @gypsea_lust

LAUREN BULLEN will take you to wondrous places through her dreamy photos from around the world. Just a couple of minutes on her Instagram account and you will feel an instant urge to pack your bag and travel the world!

Oneika The Traveller

Oneika The Traveller / Via

Oneika is a go to gal if you're looking for some great adventures! She also blogs about politics and shares her experiences about "travelling while black". She is not just a well traveled LadyBoss, but also an educator who is here to share her advice and experience with you for free.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich / Via

Kiersten Rich is your go to gal if you're looking for great guides, the best festivals and awesome photos from around the world. Kiersten has great guides on how to make your travel photos just as glamorous as hers.

The Poor Traveler

Vins Carlos / Via

Yoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos are two fun guys from the Philippines who started their travels while working 8-5 jobs, but now they are working online, traveling the world and having fun. And they are here to show you how you can do the same!

Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina Iovino / Via

Sabrina Iovino's photos will take you to the most wondrous Islands and paradises on Earth! You can also find her detailed guides on how she quit her designer job and started to travel the world. Believe me, after a post or two you'll want to do the same!

The Sophisticated Life

Nadeen White / Via

Nadeen White will make your mouth water with her fantastic food\wine and travel blog. She has a passion for travel, culture, food, wine and the arts. Her site is where she shares her experiences so you can enjoy them as well!

Anna Everywhere

Anna Everywhere / Via

Anna not just traveled around the world but also lived in 5 continents. She wants to prove that: "You can be born in an unprivileged country, suffer from chronic diseases and still live an adventurous lifestyle. I aim to show you how can you dream big, travel with purpose and learn from it. If I could do it, you can too!" Browsing through her posts you'll quickly realize she is right!

Asiana Circus

Jella Via Erhard / Via

We're Jella and Ben two full-time travelers who want to inspire you to live the life you love. Follow our posts to get the step by step guides, the inspiration, and the courage to pack your bag and follow your dreams!

The Globe Getter

The Globe Getter / Via

Tausha is here to show you how to travel the world and work at the same time.

Her mission is to see the world without quitting her job. Follow her for info about how to save money, find cheap airfares and so on! Not to mention her dreamy Insta account which will definitely give you wanderlust!

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