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Video Proof That Snapchat Was Invented By An Indian Ghost & Bally Sagoo

From inventing Snapchat to worrying about midnight surcharges - she's done it all.

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If you're a 90's kid, chances are you have seen the music video for Bally Sagoo's remixed version of a 1979 song called Noorie. You probably felt the chills then, but the music was pretty good so you didn't mind a dead woman with a candle, walking the streets of Mumbai at night.

Clearly, someone did not do their job of digging a grave for her to rest in. Speaking of digging, Noorie (yes let's call her that), leaves the huge mansion and is now seen walking past a group of men working in the field, in what appears to be the wee hours of midnight. If this is not shady, I don't know what is.

As she sashays away, they see her footprints in the sand and lo and behold! they are backwards! Clearly, this must be the single most terrifying thing they've seen. Right?


Noorie walks again and this time she is walking by a construction site. There are 2 men just chilling there and they spot this mysterious woman going somewhere with a candle.

Except, this is the 90's, so we can safely assume that the guy on the left is a criminal that has escaped from prison and is roaming the streets with a disguise on. See the giant mole on his face?

Because in the next scene, she takes a taxi to go to her destination. Yes, a taxi. Guess, teleporting to your destination is still in beta for ghosts.

As soon as she gets in her Uber, the 'For Hire' machine mysteriously goes down to the surprise of the driver. She then looks straight ahead almost as if telepathically telling him to not assume her living or dead status and keep driving.

Also, let's just take some time to give a shout-out to the taxi driver because my mans is super committed to his job. At some point, he also notices that she doesn't really appear in the rear-view mirror but he still keeps on driving.

After that something insane happens. I didn't really get the memo but apparently, taking a taxi to the railway station was a pretty serious offense in the 90's.

Now I know what you're thinking. She could have just taken a cab back home right? Sorry but that's really stupid. Not because she's dead and doesn't have a phone and all that, but the surcharges would have been super high and she simply can't afford to do this every night.

The moral of the story is - Don't expect your friends to care about your plans. You may have planned an elaborate weekend breakfast buffet and excitedly set an alarm for it on Sunday. But chances are, your friends are probably not going to show up.

You can watch the only available copy of the Music Video on Youtube in 240p here:

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