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Undertale Best Bits/Funny Moments!

This is a selection of my favourite Undertale moments in the true pacifist run!

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1. Undertale Cooking With Undyne! Great video!

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In this video of my Undertale lets play/walkthrough/playthrough, we are at Undynes house with Papyrus and we're making friends with her! It doesn't go to plan straight away but is hilarious to watch! True pacifist route is the best!

2. Fighting/Fleeing Undyne! I may have made a mistake here xD

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Progressing further we are finally confronted by Undyne and I have no idea how to progress. So please enjoy how to rage for beginners!

3. Temmie Village!!! SO CUTE!

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This has to be the most adorable part of the game! Temmie village is hidden within the game in the caverns! Loads of Easter eggs to find here!

4. Date With Papyrus! Cool Dude!

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I'm still working on my papyrus voice so bare with me but this is also an Easter egg in the game which can be missed! Sadly if you do miss it but it's another of my favourites in the game! Papyrus (clearly the best character, takes us on a date and we wear clothing!) xD

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