Why Allergies Will Ruin Your Spring

They say spring is in the air. It’s actually just pollen.

1. If you have allergies, spring is the absolute worst.

7. And drowsiness.

8. All together, it’s enough to bring a guy down.

9. Especially when all of your friends are having so much fun.

11. Soaking up the sun.

12. Wearing pastels.

14. Smelling fresh flowers.

15. Frolicking through fields.

16. But every time you go outside, you’re just like:

“Nature… the worst.”

17. Really all you want to do is sleep.

Amanda Pippin / Via Flickr: orcaartist

18. Surf the Internet for a while.

19. And crawl into a dark cave far away from high pollen counts and mold spores.

20. But regardless of how you feel, spring is here.

21. So go on— dive right in.

22. And if you can’t beat them, join them.


Just make sure you’re properly equipped.

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