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    29 Treasures You Need To Buy At The Houston Rodeo

    Excuse me, do you happen to have horsehair bracelets? Oh you do? Great, I'll take all of them.

    1. Bewjeled antlers.

    2. Texas-themed bejeweled antlers.

    3. Old ropes.

    4. Shotgun shell lights.

    5. These yard signs.

    And this sign.

    6. Cowboy hats, obviously.

    7. Embroidered and tasseled riding gloves.

    8. This turquoise wonder belt to wrap around your sassy waist.

    9. Horsehair bracelets.

    10. These sweet 'Merica/Texas boots.

    11. Boot jewelry.

    12. This shirt.

    13. Or this fantastic $1,200 bejeweled purse.

    14. School pride cups for all your Texas-themed parties.

    15. Beautiful Texas tile work (because you can never have too many Texas flags in your home.)

    16. Lovely and serene tile work.

    17. Less serene tile work.

    18. Mattresses?

    Ohh, they're "softer than dirt" mattresses!

    19. This $900 life-size Native American wood statue.

    20. Two-toned lone star rugs.

    21. A really sick wooden table with turquoise embedded into it.

    22. A $8,995 Lippi cat coat.

    Yes, it really is that much.

    23. A cowhide rug...or two.

    Delicious treats for your dogs, cats, and horses.

    24. Like, large roasted knuckles.

    25. Jumbo-roasted beef bone.

    26. Or maybe just some vanilla-roasted chicken feet.

    27. Puppets?

    28. Botox.

    29. And finally, this outfit.

    Texas, FTW.