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There Is A Park Full Of Giant Penises In South Korea

Insert penis pun. NSFWish.

Welcome to Haeshindang Park (해신당 공원), unofficially known as "Penis Park."

Located on the beautiful coast of Sinnam, South Korea, the park is dedicated to the memory of a young virgin woman whose fisherman lover left her on rock while he caught fish at sea.

Needless to say, a storm came and she died. Because who leaves their virgin girlfriend stranded on a rock? Legend has it, after her death the villagers could no longer catch fish.

So they did the only thing you can do when a virgin dies in a storm, and built giant wooden penises to appease her spirit.

Strangely enough, the strategy worked, and the villagers were able to catch fish again.

And so they continued to erect more carvings in her honor.

Now Haeshindang Park is a lovely tourist spot for South Koreans to frequent at their leisure.

So go ahead, nap on a penis.

Study a penis.

Listen to the gentle breeze as it passes through a wind chime made of — you guessed it— penises.

Laugh with a penis.

Fly with a penis.

Or simply contemplate the meaning of life as you sit upon a penis.

There's a penis for everyone.



...and bold.