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    21 Reasons Hong Kong Is The Only Place To Live

    Seven million people, doing life right.

    1. Because sunrise never looked so lovely as it did rising over the harbor.

    2. Well... maybe I spoke too soon.

    3. And the view of hundreds of skyscrapers lit up at night never gets old.

    4. Because there's something peaceful about knowing the city is still awake with you.

    5. There is no feeling quite like being immersed in the midst of a moving metropolis.

    6. And having every sense awakened as you walk through the streets.

    7. Even when it rains it's still one of the most magical places you've ever seen.

    8. There is no city that better understands what it means to be an urban jungle.

    9. And no comfort like being nestled in between ancient mountains.

    10. Because even though everything moves so quickly...

    11. ...there are just as many moments of absolute stillness.

    12. Moments that make you pause.

    13. Reflect.

    14. And contemplate.

    15. Life in Hong Kong is always surprising.

    16. There is always somewhere to go.

    17. Always something to eat.

    18. And of course always something to marvel at.

    19. In the end, it's strangely comforting to live in a city with so many people.

    20. Because there's always something to celebrate.

    21. And frankly, one hell of a view to do it in.

    “You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.” —Nury Vittachi