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    25 Truly Terrifying Things You Can Eat At The Houston Rodeo

    Rodeo is actually Spanish for deep-fried wonderland.

    There is a whole lot of food at the Houston Rodeo. A haven for some, a nightmare for others, here is everything you can eat at the world's largest rodeo.

    1. Pretty much any deep-fried food you could possibly think of.

    2. Fried cheesecake, anyone?

    3. Or what about a deep-fried "Snicker"?

    4. Honestly, cookie dough is probably the most logical food to deep fry.

    But wait, there's more.

    5. How about a deep-fried Pop Tart?

    6. Or Oreo?

    The Oreos were pretty damn good. Too good.

    And then there's the crème de la crème of deep-fried foods....

    7. A beautiful, giant, sent-from-heaven glob of deep-fried Nutella.

    8. And if that still wasn't enough for you, why not wash it down with a fried moon pie?

    9. There are also non-fried foods, like GIANT cinnamon rolls.

    10. And giant floating corn dogs?

    The corn dogs, up close and personal.


    11. But who cares about arteries when there are volcano nachos!

    12. GIANT PIZZA.

    13. Corn Shack > Pizza Shack.

    14. Hey look! Big old bags of popcorn that need consuming.

    15. And now for the good stuff... MEAT, aka steak.

    16. Wow, bacon-wrapped turkey legs.

    17. Also, Texas-sized turkey legs.

    18. Chicken-fried bacon.

    19. Brisket baked potato.

    20. Half-pound burgers, jumbo corn dogs, and giant western sausages.

    21. Jumbo butterflied, fried shrimp.

    22. And finally, the side dishes. I give you cowboy potatoes.

    23. Fried green tomatoes, Texas toothpicks, hushpuppy baskets.

    24. And many types of pickles and pickled goods.

    25. But most importantly, remember everything tastes better with beer.

    P.S. If you need some hand sanitizer after all that food, it's located in between the Hershey's syrup bottles.