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    Lizzy Caplan Calls Out Sexism In Hollywood In The Funniest Way Possible

    Janis Ian, FTW.

    This week, Lizzy Caplan appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang! to debate the age old question: "Can boys actually be funny?"

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    Scott Auckeman: So Lizzy, you have played so many complex, dynamic characters. Do you think Hollywood is in danger of having too many good roles for women? Lizzy Caplan: I do. Sometimes I think, 'Ladies we gotta slow it down here, let the boys have a shot.'SA: Let them have their turn, you know? LC: Yeah, boys can be funny. SA: Eh, I don't know. I've never found a boy funny. LC: Well, I think boys can be funny, okay? I just think maybe they haven't had the opportunity to be funny for as long as girls have. SA: They were always raised to be like, 'Oh, you look so handsome.' It's like they never need to be funny. LC: Exactly. Reggie Watts: I just think it's biological. Guys are not funny... because they're just not. SA: Their huge penises get in the way, I think. LC: Yeah, they do get in the way. SA: It's like, 'Ugh, come on. I'm trying to see if this guy's funny.' LC: I'm so distracted by your penis in your pants that I can't focus on all the jokes you're trying to tell.

    Basically, sexism:

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