Business Travel: Expectation Vs. Reality

“Will you be traveling for business or pleasure?” Pleasure?! LOL.

1. Expectation: Exciting travel to glamorous places.

3. Expectation: Breezing through airport security because you’ve carefully perfected your routine.

Reality: Sike, you’re stuck behind someone who hasn’t been on a plane for 15 years.

4. Expectation: Getting lots of work done from the comfort of business class.

Reality: Getting your knees crushed for a six-hour flight.

5. Expectation: Arriving to your destination looking fly in your perfectly pressed suit.

Reality: Wrinkled suit and a coffee stain on your shirt.

6. Expectation: A rental car that would make James Bond jealous.

7. Expectation: Fancy dinners at fine establishments.

Reality: Gross fast food for every meal.

8. Expectation: Weeklong stay in a five-star hotel.

9. Reality: 24 hours in a questionable motel.

10. Expectation: You won’t be affected by jet lag.

11. Reality: There is a reason they’re called red eyes.

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12. Expectation: Relaxing in your hotel bath.

Reality: Quick, cold showers in between meetings.

13. Expectation: Having the most productive meeting ever.




14. Expectation: Nothing will go wrong as long as you perfectly plan out your trip.

15. Reality: All of your flights are inexplicably delayed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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16. Expectation: You’ll have so many airline miles, you can go anywhere.

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17. Reality: The last thing you want to do in your free time is get on another plane.

18. Expectation: Free Wi-Fi in your hotel room.

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