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    21 Things Every Traveler Wishes They Owned

    I just want a comfy pair of sweatpants I can wear on a plane.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A gold foil scratch map to mark all their adventures ($20).

    Made by Luckies, available here.

    2. A chalk map works too ($60).

    Made by Dirtsastudio, available here.

    3. Travel-themed shadow box for all of their loose tickets ($30).

    Made by HipLittleSquares, available here.

    4. Or, alternatively, a travel stub diary ($15).

    Made by Chronicle Books, available here.

    5. Personalized leather passport wallet ($54+).

    Made by Popov Leather, available here.

    6. A really sweet made-for-travel journal ($18).

    Made by Poketo, available here.

    7. Printed Instagram books for all their travel memories ($12–$25).

    Idea: Make them a mini-book of all their friends and family, so they always feel close to home when they're traveling.

    Made by Prinstagram, available here.

    8. Brass compass in case their smartphone stops working ($39).

    Made by Victoria Camp, available here.

    9. Personalized state necklace to remind them of home ($39).

    Made by the Folk, available here.

    10. Scarf with a hidden pocket for valuables and contraband ($55).

    Made by Speakeasy Supply Co, available here.

    11. Airport code-inspired pillows ($24).

    Made by Airport Tag, available here.

    12. Creative luggage tags to keep thieves away from your stuff ($10).

    Made by Ebony Paws and Destination Handmade, available here and here.

    13. Hooded travel pillow to block out the world/plane ($25).

    Nasty Gal

    Made by Travel Hoodie Pillow and Amazon, available here and here.

    14. Travel toothbrush sanitizer to avoid the yuck ($21).

    VIOlight / Via

    Made by VIOlight, available here.

    15. A 4-in-1 lens enhancement to bypass a fancy DSLR ($23).

    Made by TECHO, available here.

    16. Multi-outlet surge protector with USB chargers ($29).

    Made by Belkin, available here.

    17. A wearable iPhone charger bracelet ($129).

    Made by Kyte & Key, available here.

    18. A very necessary, travel-size flask ($13).

    Made by Stanley, available here.

    19. Or even better, disposable flasks ($11).

    Made by Disposable Flasks, available here.

    20. A socially acceptable pair of sweatpants to travel in ($20–$50, but actually priceless).

    Made by Urban Outfitters, available here.

    21. And of course, a ticket to anywhere — a whole lot of money, but let's pretend it's free.

    Made by airplanes, available here and here.