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    Wipe Messy Paws With This Clever Puppy Paw Rag

    Dirty paw prints no more.

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    Puppy Paw Rag

    Ashley McGetrick / Via BuzzFeed




    Sewing needle & thread



    # Cut a hand towel in half longways.

    # Keep on piece and fold it in half, making it half as tall.

    # Sew the right side of the towel (the unhemmed edge) shut.

    # On the left side of the towel, sew ¾ of the way down, leaving room for a hand to fit into the pocket you’ve created with the towel. (The towel pocket should have 2 openings: the top, and an opening of about 3-5 inches on the left side.)

    # Create a loop with ribbon and sew it to the top of the towel.

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