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This Is How You Make The Cutest Cat Sleeve Shirt


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What you need:

* Short Sleeve Shirt

* Button

* Embroidery thread (black and pink)

* Embroidery needle

* Sewing thread

* Sewing Needle

* Scissors


* Cut the sleeve as outline in the video, leaving the scrap piece whole and saving for later. (this scrap will become the ears.) Apply anti-fray liquid if necessary.

* Sew a button at the peak of the section you just cut.

* Stitch 3 whiskers on each side of the nose.

* Take the scrap piece and cut it directly in half at the peak.

* On the new small piece, for in half and stitch along the fold (not the open end). This will give the ears structure so that they will stand upright.

* Repeat that process of the other piece of scrap to create the second ear.

* Sew the ears along the should seam.

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