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14 DIY Canopies You Need To Make For Your Bedroom

You're a princess — start sleeping like one.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Use a hula hoop for some dorm room privacy.

Also hide from your roommate if necessary. Here's how you can make one.

2. Or thread sheer fabric and string lights through two smaller hoops for instant coziness.

This sections off your bed without sacrificing space. Here are some instructions.

3. Use a curtain rod and a table cloth for a cheap Marie Antoinette ~vibe~.

We wont tell anyone it's a table cloth if you don't. Check out the instructions here.

4. Make your room extra cozy with two mini curtain rods and some cheap fabric.

A little bit of charm can go a long way. Make your own with these instructions.

5. If you don't have any curtain rods lying around, use some copper pipe.

Check out a great tutorial here.

6. You can even hang a canopy just using thumbtacks.

No need to be a handy-man or handy-lady, this tutorial is super easy. Check it out here.

7. Add some string lights to create an extra whimsical effect.

Most things in life become more magical by adding string lights; canopies are certainly no exception. Check out a tutorial here.

8. For some privacy and extra shade, solid curtains are a perfect solution.

You're a classy person, you need a classy bed. Learn how to make your own here.

9. Use a sturdy branch to create your own shabby chic canopy.

Spice up a kid's bedroom or your own. Here are the instructions.

10. Use a thick patterned fabric to make a canopy that doubles as a headboard.

A perfect way to add some patterns to your bedroom. Here are some instructions.

11. Or drape a sheer pattern to add dimension to a small room.

Here are step-by-step instructions.

12. Transform a wooden ladder and some linen fabric into a rustic canopy.

Maybe also do some morning pull-ups? Actually no. Definitely do not do that.

Check out how to make your own here.

13. Some strategically hung tapestry can add a lot of personality.

Here is a little tutorial to transform your room.

14. And a kiddy-sized canopy is just as easy.

The little ones need a little luxury too. Check out some instructions here.

Sleep tight!

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