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Sep 21, 2016

What Pinterest DIY Do You Think Is Totally Bogus?

We're going to waste our time and money so you don't have to.

Have you ever seen a hack on Facebook or Pinterest that just seems TOO good to be true?

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed / Via Pinterest

Or ever wanted to DIY something, but there are just *too* many versions out there to choose from?

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed / Via Pinterest

So many DIY laundry detergents. So little time. *sigh*

Maybe you've wondered whether a DIY version of something is better/cheaper than the store-bought version. / Via Pinterest

Tryna live that ~lush life~ on a budget, ya know?

Well, lucky for you, I'm here to be your personal Myth Buster!

Discovery Communications Beyond Distribution[1] / Via

Consider it a ~PIN-vestigation~.

If you've seen a hack or DIY floating around the internet and are curious or skeptical about it, tell me!

NBC / Via

Then I'll waste my time and money testing it so you don't have to.

20th Century Fox / Via

We make a great team!

So tell me: What’s a hack or DIY that you'd like to see tested?

You could see it tested in an upcoming BuzzFeed video!