Keep Your Car Tidy With These Genius Hacks

    Don't be the person with the disgusting car.

    What you need:

    Hair tie

    Cupcake liners
    Suction cup shower caddy
    Over-the-door shoe organizer


    Phone holder:

    Loop a hair tie through your air vent. Stretch the hair tie away from the vent and slip the cell phone into the two loops.

    Cupholder crumb catchers:

    Place cupcake liners in cup holders to catch crumbs and other messes. When it gets dirty, just throw the wrapper away and replace with a new one.

    Car caddy:

    Stick a suction cup shower caddy to you rear side window to store items like ice scrapers, maps, etc.

    Trunk organizer:

    Cut an over-the-door shoe organizer to about the length of you back seat. Use string to attach the organizer to the back seat headrests.

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