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    16 DIYs You Can Make With Old Toys Because Growing Up Is Overrated

    Embrace your inner crafty kid with these TBT-DIYs.

    1. Attach bolts to the back of small toys and spray paint them to create fun drawer pulls.

    2. Melt some Pearler Beads to create summertime cup covers.

    3. Glue magnets to the backs of Scrabble pieces for a fun and functional message board.

    4. Create a personalized light by assembling your favorite super heroes on a lamp base and covering with spray paint.

    5. Create a jewelry holder by glueing together old Jenga pieces.

    6. Turn a Chinese checkers board into a bar stool.

    7. Make a custom charm bracelet with some retro Polly Pocket dolls.

    8. Use a hula hoop and fabric for a DIY canopy.

    You can fake a canopy bed or make a little play area hideout for kids. Check out how to make your own here.

    9. Store your business cards in a Slinky.

    10. Or take your Slinky outside to make a circular bird feeder.

    11. Amp up a boring mirror by glueing spray-painted Hot Wheels to the edges.

    12. Upcycle letter magnets with a quick coat of spray paint.

    Again with the spray paint! We ~love~ the spray paint. Here is a great tutorial.

    13. Melt some Army men to form a fruit bowl.

    Pay tribute to the little guys from Toy Story with this fun project. Learn how to make it here!

    14. Fasten a random chess piece to a cork for a cute wine stopper.

    15. DIY a key rack and matching key chains with good old fashioned Legos.

    This is so fun that you might actually put your keys where they belong. Check out how to make them here.

    16. Or use them to add some color and organization to your counter top!

    Play time is now in session!