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I Made Over A Strangers' Bedroom Based On Their Instagram

Like HGTV, but creepier.

I make a lot of videos here at BuzzFeed and most of them involve room makeovers.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed / Via

I've made over friends' bedrooms, closets, studio apartments, etc. There's a lot of DIY-ing involved!

Check out my latest bedroom makeover here!

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This time, I decided to makeover a bedroom based on someone's Instagram account.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

I thought it would be fun to try and bring someone's digital style into the real world!

I emailed my office asking for anyone interested in a bedroom makeover to send me the link to their Instagram.

Christina Lan's Instagram account was SO cool that I had to pick her!

Christina Lan / BuzzFeed / Via

She also works at BuzzFeed but in a different department. There are over 1,000 employees at BuzzFeed, so she was pretty much a stranger to me.

She sent me a link to her Instagram and along with a few pictures of her bedroom.

Her Instagram is beautifully curated and colorful. But her bedroom was relatively plain in comparison.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

The perfect subject for a makeover!

So Christina left me the key to her apartment and it was time to start the makeover!

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Here are some of the things I did to bring Christina's Instagram to life...

The most obvious take away from Christina's feed was the color scheme. She had a lot of oranges and magentas with some lavender and blue accents.

Christina Lan / Instagram / Via

To mimic that, I made the main focal point of the room, her bed, warm and colorful.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed, Urban Outfitters

I got the comforter from Urban Outfitters for $119 and the sheets are also from UO for $89.

Her Instagram bio was "the astrologist you didn't ask for." I decided to incorporate some subtle astrology accents as well.

Christina Lan / Via Instagram

When I saw this holographic mirror and this crescent moon planter I knew I had to get them!

Urban Outfitters

The mirror tied in some cooler tones and also gave me major astrological vibes. You can get it for $49.

Christina also really loves plants (she had 6 in her bedroom alone!) so this crescent moon planter was a perfect fusion of things she loves. You can get it for $14.

One of my favorite parts of the room was this grid organizer that I used to display some cool cards and prints she had lying around.

Urban Outfitters, Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

I actually loved it so much I bought one for myself too! I got it for $49.

I could tell from her posts that she is a girl on the go! To keep her organized I got this adorable key holder that says "stay a while"

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

It also tied in some lavender, which she loves! It was meant to be.

You can find it for $18.

And finally, I printed some of Christina's coolest Instagram pictures to quite *literally* bring her digital style into the room.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

I got those jumbo clips from Urban Outfitters, but it looks like they arent available anymore.

But here is a similar version from The Container Store for $14.99.

After all that reorganizing and redecorating, here is the final transformation!

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed / Via http://
Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed / Via http://
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Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed / Via http://

Christina was really excited about her new room and I was really excited about my new friend!

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

Christina said, "the thought process behind my board is definitely not how I go about my usual life. Now I feel like all of this is so cohesive and beautiful!"

Hopefully, more of us can start making our real lives as cool as our online personas!

If you have a room that needs a makeover, send me your Instagram handle! I might be creeping around for my next makeover subject...

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