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    28 Charming Ways To Use Your Kids' Art As Decor

    Kids aren't the only ones who can get crafty around here.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Turn their scribbles into colorful magnets. / Via

    Then you can use those magnet to hang even *more* masterpieces.

    This tutorial shows you how to transfer their paper drawings onto polymer clay. Click here to learn how.

    2. Install an oversized cork board for them to decorate with their creations.

    This tutorial uses small cork tiles to create a big impact. You can buy packs of 4 here for about $10.

    3. Create a collage of their favorite pieces from a certain period of time.

    You can organize them by age, school year, calendar year or whatever works for you. Here is a great guide that utilizes free online collage makers.

    4. Hang clipboards to create a constantly changing exhibit.

    This mom's kid-friendly decorating will give you *serious* house envy. Check it out here.

    5. Put their drawings in frames and display them as a group.

    Here is a great guide for perfectly planning a gallery wall.

    6. Or go for a more polished look by hanging matching frames in rows.

    Try ordering your frames in bulk to save some money. Here is a set of 4 for $27.

    7. You can even leave frames empty for your little ones to hang what they're most proud of.

    Secure a piece of string inside each frame. Kids can use mini clothespins to display their masterpieces. Check out the instructions here.

    8. Hang string with thumbtacks and use clothespins to put their work on display.

    It doesn't get much easier than that. Also, it lets you change out the artwork hassle free. Check out a little guide here.

    9. Or get these adorably oversized clothes pins.

    Artwork that is a big deal deserves a big clothespin. You can order a personalized version here for $22.

    10. Hanging vertically gives each kid their own place to shine.

    You can order the hanging systems pictured for $9 each. Check them out here.

    11. Turn their doodles into decor. / Via

    This guide shows you how to screen print any drawings to make all sorts of unique items. Check it out here.

    12. Collect their many masterpieces into a bound book. / Via

    This company does all the work for you; just send them all your little one's pieces and they will send you back a customized book. Check it out here.

    13. Or keep things digital by downloading a scrapbook app.

    This app lets you collect photos, drawings and everything in between. Click here to see how one mom is using it to collect her kids' memories.

    14. Take photos of the work so you can get rid of the clutter, but not the memories.

    This tutorial shows you how to take great photos of your kids' work. Check it out here.

    15. Combine chicken wire and an empty frame to create a rustic hanging space.

    Here's how you can make one that works for your home.

    16. You can also build your own frame and string yarn across it.

    You can mix things up with photos, artwork, and other treasures. Here's how you can make your own.

    17. Turn a curtain rod into an artist's display case.

    The one pictured is from Ikea for $12.99. You can also add that Pablo Picaso quote decal to ~jazz~ things up. You can get it here for $24.99.

    18. Transfer their big drawings onto tiny canvases for decorating your desk or bookshelf. / Via

    They're also the perfect size for the kids to use with a doll house. Here's how you can make your own.

    19. Turn their doodles into dolls. / Via

    This website will create a personalized buddy inspired by their sketches. Check it out here.

    20. Turn clippings of their art into a decorative mosaic.

    A pop of color with a personal touch. Here's how one mom came up with the idea and started making her own.

    21. Put pants hangers to use in the living room by hanging your favorite pieces. / Via

    Here's a guide to creating the perfect visual display.

    22. Install magnetic displays for no hassle hanging.

    They're easy to install and great for rotating pieces in and out. Check them out here.

    23. Create delightful greeting cards from their best scribbles. / Via

    They come in your choice of metallic foil. You can browse through the different options here.

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