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    19 Super Cute Dollar Store DIYs That Will Complete Your Bedroom

    Holla for a dolla.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Spray paint wooden skewers to make a quick starburst mirror.

    Very on trend and *very* cheap. Here are some instructions to create your own.

    2. Turn a dollar store trash can into a new night stand.

    Just spray paint and turn upside down to add a pop of color and some extra table space to your room.

    3. Secure small drawer pulls onto a picture frame for a DIY tray.

    When brunch is not being served, you can use it to organize dresser-top clutter. Learn how to make one here.

    4. Use wooden craft sticks and some paint to make a geometric accent wall.

    Check out some more colorful inspirations here.

    5. Use thumbtacks to add some glitz to any candle.

    Check out a tutorial and other awesome patterns here.

    6. You can also use thumbtacks for some new bedroom ~art~.

    This is surprisingly not *tacky* at all. Check out the tutorial here.

    7. Turn an ugly cutlery tray into an adorable jewelry holder.

    Learn how to replicate it here.

    8. Use an ordinary cork board and paint chips to create a colorful calendar.

    Stay on schedule and stay on trend. Check it out here.

    9. Use plain teacups and glue to create a fun jewelry holder.

    Turn your room into a wonderland with easy instructions you can find here.

    10. Fill an inexpensive spice rack with office supplies to organize your desk.

    You can see more of this and other desk hacks here.

    11. Add some life to your room with a DIY picture frame terrarium.

    Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

    12. Use binder clips to display your favorite memories.

    String and some binder clips will do the trick. You can see more here.

    13. Melt some crayons to create color-blocked candles.

    Check out how to make the colorful craft here.

    14. Combine dollar store mirrors and cute knobs to make your own decorative necklace hangers.

    Why let your cutest accessories hide in the closet when you're not wearing them? Learn how to make these here.

    15. Use cheap silverware to create adorable hooks.

    Dollar store utensils are prime for bending (aka cheap). You can lean how to make your own here.

    16. Use some tape and spray paint on a dollar store vase to create a custom accessory for your bedside table.

    This is another way to make custom accessories that match your color scheme *perfectly*. Here is a tutorial.

    17. Use plain cork board to create an adorable note house.

    Learn how to construct your own here.

    18. Create some textured throw pillows using inexpensive placemats.

    Small rugs can work too. Here is a fun little tutorial.

    19. Some simple votives and watercolor paint can create these unique pieces.

    You can check out the tutorial here.

    Happy crafting!

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