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The Best Ten Things To Do In Albuquerque

I ghost-hunted, mountain trekked and jalapeno-margarita'd my way through this desert town.

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8. Visit the National Hispanic Cultural Center

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An incredible gallery of Hispanic art and exhibitions on topics such as " Outstanding in His Field: San Ysidro—Patron Saint of Farmers" and "Pinatas" offer a in-depth look at the important impact the Hispanic culture has had in Albuquerque and the United States all together.

6. Order Chili con queso at El Pinto.

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Sure, the garden like atmosphere of El Pinto might be the highlight for most patrons, but the cheese dip... that's where the real magic happens. Sit outside on a terraced patio amongst a thousand plant species and enjoy a leisurely New Mexican dinner at sunset.

5. Drink Jalapeno Margaritas with the Ghosts of High Noon Saloon

A haunted bar. SIGN ME UP. Our waiter shared all her paranormal knowledge of the High Noon Saloon in Old Town Albuquerque. The marg was dope, but knowing that there were ghosts around... was even doper.

1. Do Pig Yoga with a Pig Named Tequila Barbie

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El Pinto (otherwise on this list for their queso ) wins the number one spot for top things to do in ABQ because they have found a goldmine by mixing margaritas, yoga and one sassy pig together in a room. Cameras and bacon eaters welcome.

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