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Selling And Purchasing Of Used Car Is Easy Now With CarSwap

CarSwap is a totally free Application to sell used car online at genuine price,. Selling and Purchasing of second hand car is becoming easy at the fingertip with CarSwap

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What started as quirky automotive trading platform, CarSwap is now an international sensation with tens of thousands of registered users world-wide swiping and swapping cars via the app hailed as ‘Tinder for cars’.

Three young auto enthusiasts, Cyrus Rafizadeh (28), Kane Ellis (25), and Alexander Campbell (32), are the creators of CarSwap — the free mobile app that helps users find cars to swap with permanently or temporarily. Offers to trade vehicles are typically received within the first day thanks to the intuitive interface allowing users to simply swipe left or right to ‘pass’ or ‘swap’.

“Selling a car takes way too much time and effort these days, typically several weeks. CarSwap makes the process a lot more fun, faster, and easier”, says Cyrus. The platform Cloud Architect, Tanami Muller noted, “The CarSwap platform has been specifically engineered to overcome shortfalls faced by other auto classifieds websites, such as a matching mechanism for pairing people who want each other’s cars, as well as insufficient users or diversity of vehicle options.”

One of the unrealised benefits of the app has been the social interaction. One user reported matching with a professional basketball player and scored free courtside tickets. Rock Artist ‘Fronzilla’ listed his Lamborghini Huracan on CarSwap allowing a lucky user to drive the car of their dreams for a day. Social Media Expert, and spokeswoman of CarSwap, Sarah Antonella of @sweets_babe is saying, “This app is the new horizon of what car shopping is evolving into.”

Head of Social Media, Mark Trueno noted, “As the app grows in popularity, it will continue to be a game changer in the automotive classifieds landscape, allowing car dealerships to turnover more vehicles at a lower cost than via traditional classifieds websites”.

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