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PlayStation Games That Should Be Remastered

A selection of PlayStation Classics that need re releasing

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Spyro The Dragon

Spyro The Dragon is one of the most beloved PlayStation One Classics. The whole trilogy is still one of the best examples of platforming in gaming history, up in the ranks of titans such as Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider. It's simple mechanics, colourful visuals and open designed levels draw players to it time and time again. With the success of the remake of Crash, I hope they will go one step further and completely revamp the title with updated graphics and controls.

Harry Potter 1 and 2

It just goes to show that graphics aren't everything. Yes Harry might have a face shaped more like a fifty pence piece with rather stretched features but running wild around Hogwarts, casting spells never gets old. What I like about the first two Harry Potter games is that they are simple, uncomplicated fun. They don't waste time with endless cut scenes, tying events into the film. Instead, the game is more about exploring the school and grounds, collecting jelly beans, solving puzzles and attending lectures. It is essentially a game comprised of smaller mini games but I think that's great, as it gives players good value for money. What I particularly like about these games is that they focus on bits from the books as well, preventing it from being a complete cash in movie to game scenario. With some tweaks to graphics and game play, this could be a great revival of two titles long forgotten.


Move aside Tony Hawks and Skate with your silly gravity and wheels. I remember exactly when and where I bought my copy of AirBlade. I was around 9 or 10 and as usual was hanging around CEX in Kingston, perusing the latest deals. I had never heard of the game before and bought it on nothing more then the fancy artwork and premise the blurb presented to me. In my opinion there is no other hover board game out there like it. The closest is Jak 2 but even then it's not the core focus of the game. I remember sitting down at the time playing the game and feeling like Marty McFly out of Back To The Future 2. It is one of those games that is just cool. Like the old Tony Hawk games but better because you can perform a kick flip on a freakin' hover board.

Hogs of War

Hogs of War is essentially 3D Worms but better because it is voiced by Rick Mayall. There is a distinct lack of offline coop games at the moment. The focus seems to be very much on online coop, which is great for popular people. But I don't have any friends apart from the ones I live with. In remastering Hogs of War, you would not be simply bringing back a cult classic but also offering a game with a half decent offline multiplayer option. Imagine what you could do with it as well. Why stop at just remastering? My one pet peeve with the game was that there was hardly any campaign or story and there wasn't nearly enough maps and teams. If Sony were savvy, they could re-release the game but add free dlc with more skins and maps. Personally, I think that would be a piggin' good idea.

Small Soldiers

Probably one of if not my most played game on my PlayStation. I was first introduced to it one Christmas, when staying at my friend's house. Having seen and loved the film, I was eager to have a go as playing as Archer. Because we played together, we only used the multiplayer function of the game. There was always an argument over which one of us got to play as the gorgonites. The maps were great and the weapons and power up placements endless fun. When I finally got the game myself, I recall being a little disappointed that the story didn't follow the film. However, looking back I think it is better that way. It survives on it's own merits. It has all the recognisable hallmarks of the film but doesn't attempt to duplicate the film into game form. This game needs to be remastered for two reasons. Firstly, it has both a strong main story and fun multiplayer option. Secondly, nothing gets much cooler then running around as Archer or Chip Hazard to a funky trance soundtrack, blasting enemies and platform hopping.

Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb

You may be wondering why I have included this game, seeing as Tomb Raider and Uncharted sort of perfected the whole treasure explorer story game. However, Emperor's Tomb came out at a time, when there was a lull in this genre of video game. Whilst it was true that Tomb Raider continued it's legacy on the PS2, I felt my interest wane after the original trilogy. The reboot didn't properly kick in till the arrival of the PS3 and then of course the masterpiece that is Uncharted unfolded. So, I came across this little gem when I was in dire need of some action adventure fun. It is a surprisingly underrated game. With it's poor graphics and slightly clunky controls, I can see why people would be hesitant but there is something about the game that drew me to play it, despite it's setbacks. The sound effects and music always stick out in mind, when I am pushed to recall it's highlights. It has that same style of score from the original trilogy, which adds tension to the game, making it more exciting and dramatic. There is also something hugely satisfying about the noise the game makes when you punch an enemy in the head or gut. That is was attracted me to it so much. Despite it's shortcomings, it very much feels like an Indiana Jones game. You have his signature whip and pistol, artefacts are secreted around the levels, waiting to be found and the fight sequences have that grand performance, that were so treasured in the films. In my mind it is a PS2 classic but even if you don't agree, surely bringing back classic Indie will goes it's way to making up for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The Getaway 1 and 2

I'm going to say something rather controversial now. I am bored of GTA. Yeah the games are good, really good in fact. But I very much felt that by the end of V, I was ready for something else from Rockstar. I have always enjoyed the series but despite the new stories and characters of the later ones, I feel they are starting to become carbon copies. The problem is both Vice City and Liberty City have been used more then once and to be quite honest, I am bored of America as a backdrop. The Getaway was the first game to my mind, to properly do the whole mobster thing in London and it did it well. The only reason I managed to get hold of the game was because my dad's mate bought it for me and the sequel, as I was not nearly old enough to be playing it. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling game and I spent most of it running around with a shotgun, shouting at the screen in a cockney accent, as if I was out of a Guy Richie film. There is a definite lack of games set in London or England for that matter. Assassin Creed Syndicate nearly got it but apart from that, most games are set in America or alternatively a fantasy world. To be totally honest, I would like more then just a remaster. I want a new game in the series. It nearly happened at one stage and hopefully still might. The first two games had great stories, characters and level designs but the linear and directed game play let it down a tad. The second one improved slightly but it was still restricted in it's capability. Imagine a new Getaway with updated graphics, a new story but also the ability to free roam as well. In fact, why not solve both problems. Announce a third game, then re-release the originals remastered in the run up to release. One way or another, the return of the cockney needs to happen.

From Russia With Love

Bond has always had a hit and miss relationship with video games. The most notable is probably Goldeneye. It is by far the best. Tomorrow Never Dies was half decent and Nightfire was okay but apart from that, the track record hasn't been ideal. For those who couldn't afford two consoles such as myself, it was difficult to accept the fact that by pleading one's allegiance to Sony, they would miss out on the chance to wield the golden gun. Luckily, help came in the form of Mr Sean Connery. I mentioned earlier how it was a good thing that video games based on films didn't try to copy the narrative of their on screen counterparts. From Russia With Love is an exception. It does follow the story of the film. Well sort of. What the game does well is tweak those iconic parts of the film a little to better suit its own purpose. In the same way that Emperor's Tomb has that cinematic feel to it, so too does From Russia With Love. Whilst I spent many an afternoon enjoying the offline multiplayer with my friends, it isn't the strongest point of the game. That title obviously goes to Goldeneye. However the single player campaign more then makes up for it. From the selection of gadgets and weapons to being able to zip around roads in the DB5, everything oozes style about this game. You feel like Bond. Even little touches such as button combinations, whilst generic, make you feel like a bad ass, because it is Bond who is doing them. Whilst we are waiting for the next instalment in the films, it would be a perfect time to remaster this little beaut and give Bond fans that much needed hit.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Before you lob insults at me for my choice in game, let me explain myself. I, like most sane or intelligent people, instinctively hiss through my teeth when anyone mentions the Star Wars prequels. I can never decide between The Phantom Menace and The Revenge of the Sith. Not which one is better but which one is worse. But I must admit that in my younger years, I did hold a fondness for the game of The Phantom Menace. In a lot of ways it makes more sense. The film has a plot so basic that even the youngest of toddlers would probably be able to make sense of it. For a film that is frustrating. For a game however, it sort of doesn't matter. When you pick up a Star Wars game, you want to slice as many enemies as possible with your Lightsaber and hurl a droid through the air with mind control. The straightforward story of the film transitions well into the game, as it makes for simple A to B layout of levels and whilst this may not be the most interesting of walkthroughs, it does mean you can spend ample time running and jumping around, in true Jedi fashion. It is almost cathartic in a way, as when I watch The Phantom Menace, I am powerless to do anything. A horrible thought, particularly when Jar Jar Binks is involved. But in game form, I can take control of the situation, by playing. Plus, one of the only redeeming features of the film is Qui-Gon-Jin and by being able to play alongside him, I can enjoy everything salvageable from The Phantom Menace, without having to endure the rest.

Champions of Norrath

I came across Champions of Norrath a little late but when one of my best friends introduced me to it, I was instantly hooked. A decent RPG game on the PS2 and better then that, one with coop capability. The two of us would while away hours exploring woods and caves, trying to loot treasure and coins before the other would reach them first. What the game masters well is that sense of the world around you. From the plethora of races and classes you can choose, to the variety in hideous and dangerous creatures that you encounter. Being able to level up, acquire new gear and teleport around the game from one portal to another is what keeps me coming back to this title. And yes, whilst it is true that there are a lot of RPG'S out there at the moment, few provide the ability to experience the game two player. It is a rewarding but challenging game and a fun one to take on, when you and your mate are at a loss what to do.

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