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Intro. to Her Black Campus

You asked for it and now it’s here. Her Black Campus is a blog site dedicated to black women and written by a black woman. We have a few goals here, which are to inspire, educate and empower African American females studying in college. Whether you're at a HBCU or a PWI, we will cover it all. We will aim to be your number one source on beauty and fashion tips, things involving the black community and news, and all things involving school. We will have DIY on your favorite fashion trends and tutorials on the makeup trends. Overall, we will have a outlet of all things black. Her Black Campus will strive to be a community with its readers and will attempt to interact in every post. This will be an engaging, empowering experience that I hope will allow me to grow with the audience. From the latest trends to the latest news, our site will be so addicting you’ll be begging us to give you more. Our main purpose is to educate but education that’s entertaining. Her Black Campus can also relate to other demographics amongst other institutions with information popular cultural wide.

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