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How One Facebook Group Bowled For Success

Mountain Goats Shitposting, a group created over a year ago, described as: "Shitposting: At worst this describes useless posts, at best it's a style of dada relevant to today's youth The Mountain Goats: An anti-folk band fronted by John Darnielle, who incidentally occasionally shitposts on twitter. Also a kind of goat." Earning sevral spin-offs after it became popular when an advert was taken out on homestuck.

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That was last year.

Now it has grown to nearly 2k members. Which is impressive for such a niche group.

This is not the first time the group has bowled for success

Last year John Darnielle, of The mountain goats and Wolf in white van fame; did a fundraiser for his bowling team 'Reproductive Justice League' to raise funds for national abortion access, which they won and the song going back to California was released.

They also tied with another group in which they won a house show after raising 13k for a friend of Darnielles' who needed help with medical expenses.

This year, Reproductive Justice League was at it again.

With some help from one group member. the groups attention was caught and soon the ball was rolling as they were donating anything they had, from ten dollars to 3k. Which put the Reproductive Justice League back on top. John kept dangling music and tapes to keep donations coming in.

The aftermath

The group thought they had won thanks to bryce, The 3k donor. They were in first place and the rest of the group banded together to raise more money while trying to one up eachother. The first bid started at 100$.

When the fundraiser ended the group was in the lead. They went ham.

However disapointment soon followed

The site had not updated and there was a last minute cash donation which put the general strikers in the lead. But GG jd said we still won and promised to hold up his end of the deal.. Lots of money was raised for an amazing cause and they were the top fundraisers in the country.

Everyone is wondering how bryce is feeling

at first people said he must feel really bad about loosing, but it was quickly pointed out that all the money was going to such an amazing cause that no one really lost.

One user described bryce as funny, very personable, and very charitable, even before he dropped 3k. Even after bryce killed off the users character.

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