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The Novel That Every Adele Fan Should Read!

What makes the novel stands out is the fact that it connects Adele music lyrics with the narrative. It uses quotes from different singles of Adele’s which seemed to fit so perfectly with each situation. The perspective of characters changed with each chapter, and each chapter ending with a quote that felt as though coming from that character.

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1. My Trip to Adele (Novel)

Did you ever read a novel, that simply took you there? 'My trip to Adele', in all it's raw depiction of human nature, did that for me.

I first noticed the novel on Amazon. It was number two at the time I downloaded it. Since I'm a HUGE fan of Adele, I was more than excited to read it.

But the minute I started reading this novel, I was surprised. It was definitely not what I was expecting. But I was hooked, as it was something else.

There was something so beautiful and tragic at the same time in each of the three characters depicted in this book. It's almost impossible not to relate to any of them.

2. Chapter 4: Chasing Pavements

The journey that these three characters go on is simply mesmerizing in its own way. It's about finding love, happiness, and perseverance in the darkest of times. And the way they come together in the end to see Adele perform is as beautiful as it gets.

'My trip to Adele' has delivered beautifully. It's raw, it's gritty, it's love, it's life. I cannot remember a book that was that true to life.

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