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13 WTF Things From The '80s That Definitely Wouldn't Be OK In 2016

The ’80s were messed up when you look back and think about it. Re-live the atrocities at Heathers the Musical at Arts Centre Melbourne this May. Peak 80s high school drama.

1. Parachute pants.

2. Smoking. Everywhere.

3. Moonwalking. Everywhere.

4. Wearing white tights. Everywhere.

5. Phones with cords.

6. Mobile phones this big and with no apps.

7. Scrunchies...

8. ...and shoulder pads.

9. Let's not forget the perms...

10. ...and over-the-top eye makeup.

11. Watching horror movies with the worst special effects, but they still scarred you for life.

12. Having to pick sides when it came to music.

13. Buttons for every cause/band/scene/feeling.

These things probably wouldn't fly today, but the '80s were still pretty cool. Check out Heathers the Musical brought to you by Arts Centre Melbourne. Buy your tickets here now.

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