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18 Photos Of Guys And Their Pups That Will Melt Your Heart

Who doesn't love a good dog dad? Show your favorite dog dad some love and take them to see The Art Of Racing in the Rain, in theaters August 9.

In honor of Father's Day, we asked people to tell us about the dog dads in their life. Here are some of the adorable duos! Happy Paw-ther's Day, everyone!

1. These happy twins!

2. This sweet girl who missed her pop.

3. These sleeping beauties.

4. This daddy's girl who isn't a fan of sharing.

5. This proud shih tzu papa!

6. This pup and pillow.

7. This dad who loves to throw his rescue pup a good birthday paw-ty!

8. These fur babies and their loving pop!

9. These partners in crime.

10. This dad who can't stand being apart from his pupper!

11. This dream team!

12. This dad who is always there to protect his baby girl.

13. This stylish duo.

14. This papa helping his baby get some water like the hoomans do.

15. This dad and his not-so-little babies.

16. This pup who is teaching her dad that work is much more fun with a cuddle buddy!

17. These two playful pals.

18. This tiny pup who just wants to give her dad all the kisses.

Who is the dog dad in your life? Share in the comments below! And don't miss The Art Of Racing in the Rain, in theaters August 9.

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