16 Tiny Details And Easter Eggs From "The Office" You Probably Didn't Even Notice

    This one's for you, superfans of The Office!

    1. Stanley's New Year's resolution was "to be a better husband and boyfriend."

    2. The Dunder Mifflin Employee Newsletter wasn't *exactly* real...

    3. Andy's Call of Duty username is "HereComesTreble."

    4. Jim's last name was spelt wrong at his own wedding.

    5. Pam is using the teapot Jim gave her for the Finer Things Club TWO seasons later.

    6. Oscar is drinking from a prop wine bottle.

    7. Michael tried to sell his broken TV at the warehouse sale.

    8. Speaking of the warehouse sale, Jim and Pam must've *finally* gotten that clown off the wall.

    9. When Jan made Michael sign the relationship waiver, he comments on his plans to get it framed. In Season 4, Episode 12, we see that he actually did.

    10. During the famous (infamous??) "Dinner Party" episode, Angela is seen covering her meat using a napkin

    11. Under Dwight's management hierarchy, Creed's name is in quotation marks, hinting that Creed might be using a fake name.

    12. In "Threat Level Midnight," you can see President Jackson has gold curtains, which is a nod towards his upcoming alliance with Goldenface.

    13. Also in "Threat Level Midnight," you see Michael Scarn in a ketchup fight. Earlier in Season 3, Michael vents to Jan about wanting a relationship involving sweet, loving, ketchup fights.

    14. In the Dundies episode from the second season, Michael mentions that he ran out of businessman trophies. We later see that Kevin's "Don't Go in There After Me" award is a squatting man.

    15. You can often find Wegmans brand around the office, which is an actual grocery store brand that is popular in Scranton.

    16. And lastly, Saticoy Steel — Charles Miner's previous company — just so happens to be the ACTUAL street name where The Office filmed.