22 "TVD" Relationships Ranked From The Absolute Worst To The Absolute Best

    There were WAY too many problematic ships...

    22. Damon and Caroline

    21. Alaric and Caroline

    20. Matt and Elena

    19. Tyler and Vicki

    18. Elena and Liam

    17. Jeremy and Vicki

    16. Damon and Katherine

    15. Jeremy and Bonnie

    14. Stefan and Valerie

    13. Jeremy and Anna

    12. Alaric and Jo

    11. Tyler and Liv

    10. Alaric and Jenna

    9. Tyler and Caroline

    8. Matt and Rebekah

    7. Stefan and Caroline

    6. Nora and Mary Louise

    5. Stefan and Elena

    4. Enzo and Bonnie

    3. Stefan and Katherine

    2. Damon and Elena

    1. Klaus and Caroline

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