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10 Men Share The Best Style Tips They Got From Their Dads

Your dad shaped you in more ways than one! Say thanks in style this Father's Day with Armitron.

1. The Spacing Test

"My dad always said the end of your necktie should just barely touch the top of your belt buckle. I have no idea if that's sartorially accurate, but I still follow his advice to this day."

—Andrew C.

2. The Double Windsor

3. The Importance of Basics

"My dad never really bought into fads or trends, which allowed me to figure out how I wanted to dress on my own. All of the clothes he wore had a utilitarian value. I'd like to think I have a little more style than my old man, but he did teach me the importance of wearing what you like, regardless if it was 'cool,' and of buying quality basics that could stand the test of time."

—Chris S.

4. The Proper Technique

5. The Stainless Shirt

"My dad always told me never to wear white to a barbecue. As most rebellious sons do, I had to learn myself...the hard way. He was absolutely right. You should never wear white to BBQs, potlucks, or basically any event where dark-colored sauce will be present. Even if it is before Labor Day..."

—Clark M.

6. The Importance of Care

7. The Vintage Tee

"My dad worked in radio and consequently picked up a a rack's worth of swag over the years — caps, jerseys, that sort of stuff. By the time I entered college, I had inherited the jewel of his collection: a vintage dance marathon tee from 1987. I won many compliments, thanks to him."

—Tyler S.

8. The LBD

9. The Basics

"My dad told me 'gray shirts and black pants forever,' and I've stuck by that."

—Ryan G.

10. The Joy of Comfort

Your dad did a lot to make! Say thanks in style with Armitron.