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11 Signs You're Confident (But Not Cocky)

Confidence is all about trusting yourself in any situation. The maker of Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ toothbrush and toothpaste knows true confidence starts with your smile.

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1. You look at yourself in reflective surfaces.


But only to say a quick "hello!" #hay @yourself

2. You always show your teeth when you smile.


You don't brush twice a day for nothin'! #pearlywhites #gums4dayz

3. You know how to accept compliments.

Universal Music Group / Via

A simple "thank you" will do. #ownit

4. It doesn't take you hours to get ready in the morning.


OK, maybe one, but that SPF cream isn't going to apply itself! #pointcheck #mirrortwirl

5. You stay true to yourself in any situation.

IFC Films / Via

Because you know Oscar Wilde was right when he said, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." #oneofakind

6. You take enough selfies for people to know you love your face...

Irving Klaw Productions / Via

But not enough for anyone to hate it. #h8ersgonnah8

7. You can make it through public speaking without hyperventilating. / Via

You took care of that beforehand. #uronlyhuman

8. You're not afraid to stand up for what you think is right.


Because you know there is no better time than now. #lifeis2short #noregretz

9. You ALWAYS make eye contact when shaking hands.


And you best believe that eye contact isn't matched with a "limp fish" handshake... #firm #not2hard

10. You know how to respond to insults.

Julie Borowski / Via

You know they're coming from a place of insecurity anyway. #iamrubber @youareglue

11. You refuse to let awkwardness ruin your day. / Via

Because you always love a personal challenge! #testme