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15 Cats Who Probably Live Better Than You

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1. This billionaire cat who lives in a penthouse overlooking the city:

REX USA / Ivo Berg / Crazy Ivory / Solent News / Rex

You've never thought about complaining about the one purr-cent until you learned about this cat.

5. This famous dog whisperer of cable network fame. / Via

This cat has book deals, celebrity endorsements, and the whole shebang! Catch an episode of his show, and you'll definitely shed a tear or two. Dogs and cats CAN get along together.

8. This fat cat daddy-o that doesn't have to lift a paw:

Haha, you have cable? Sir-Sits-a-Lot has hundreds of channels to choose from every day. Binge watching The Real Housecats of New Jersey is his pastime.

10. This feline foodie who only eats the best steak tartar and sushi:

REX USA / Solent News / Rex

Miss Fluffy dines on the freshest seafood and beef. In fact, she eats at the table, and her "owners" eat frozen TV dinners in the living room. As they should.

11. This lazy lounger with a hefty trust fund:

The wicker bed may not look like much, but it was conceptualized by a famous contemporary furniture designer. Meownimalism is the new chic.

12. This Very Important Cat who gets invited to Very Important Dinners.

He's just being modest right now, but he usually sits at the head of the table and wines and dines with the best of them.

And this cat with the most groundbreaking litter!

It's a litter that's both beneficial to you AND your cat!

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