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Is Cow Poo The Next Big Source Of Renewable Energy?

Could we all be powering our homes with cow poo in the future?

The humble yet beautiful cow is a producer of many glorious things.

A dairy cow in a field

From milk to butter and cheese, and even deliciously creamy yoghurts, they give us a whole plethora of dairy goods to choose from every day!

Pictures of a glass of milk, butter being spread on bread, and a bowl of yoghurt with blueberries

But while they're doing all of this, they're also producing lots of poo. Like, *lots* of it. And with such a constant supply landing on its farms, the dairy company Arla has been getting super creative with what they do with it as part of its Poo Power Projects.

A cow in a barn

To showcase the potential in poo power, Arla has created Cow Patteries, aka batteries made with energy from cow pats! Geddit?

An illustrated packet of cow patteries

Arla hopes that in the future, our homes could be powered by cow poo.

A TV remote and a child playing with a robot - text says "poo powered"

But how do you convert poo into energy? The process is called "anaerobic digestion"!

On the left there is a picture of cows in a barn, on the right there is a glowing lightbulb.

Right now, the UK doesn't have the right infrastructure to implement biogas into our electricity grid.

An electricity grid with emoji poos on top.

But Arla knows that it's onto something from experimenting so alongside its Cow Patteries concept, its farmers have also been fuelling their farms with manure.

A male farmer stands infront of a milk tanker which says "a cow powered milk tanker. Not to be sniffed at." on its side.

So next time you walk by a field of cows, think about how soon they could not just fill your fridge with milk, but also power it too!

A field of cows with poo emojis and sparkly star emojis on top.

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