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Are You And Your Roommate Roommate Goals?

Townhouse F Room 204 had a lot of ups and downs this semester. These roommates though now separated by states and soon countries will always be roomie goals. See if you and your roommate are like Abby and Ariel!

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  1. Do you frequently tag each other in memes?

    of course!
    um no
  2. Do you know all your roommate's preferences/favorites?

  3. Do you have an annoying catch phrase you always say?

    uh... what (lol yes)
    No because we're not crazy
  4. Do people hate you and your roommate together?

    tbh yes
    no because we are civilized people who are able to socialize normally
  5. Do you and your roommate have each other on Find my Friends?

    Of course
    No that's weird
  6. Are you and your roommate best friends?

  7. What do you think about being separated from your roomie?

    The tears are real
    I'll survive
  8. Do you know way too much about your roommate's bathroom patterns?

    Unfortunately, yes
    wtf is this quiz, NO
  9. Do you frequently get in bed with each other?

    Roomie snuggles are the best snuggles
  10. Are you friends with your roommate's mom?

    Yeah! And tbh she probs likes me better
  11. Have you and your roommate hooked up with two other roommates?

    hahaha that's crazy... yes
    no! wtf

Are You And Your Roommate Roommate Goals?

You got: Nah

You and your roommate aren't roommate goals and that's totally fine! Just make sure you still have a healthy relationship!

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You got: Yeah!!

You and your roommate are roommate goals like Abby and Ariel!!! Though you might not live together at the moment, you will forever and always be goals! Congrats!

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